- Frequently Asked Questions -

Why PeoplesGamez?

Because we're awesome! That's why.

What is Link Exchange?

Link Exchange allows you to post your links from your Facebook Wall for people who are not your Facebook friends to click and help. It's a great way to finish your quests or missions really fast or if you don't have enough friends that play the same game!

What types of reward posts can I share?

You can share almost every reward post you make to your Facebook Wall. Link Exchange will automatically display those posts that are considered "helpful." These are usually posts where both the person posting the link and the person clicking the link get the item.

Why isn't the Link Exchange seeing my reward posts?

There are two main reasons. The first is that you are playing on the game own platform for example Slotomania or Zynga.com.

While you can play your games on either platforms and can switch back and forth, reward posts and gift requests made while on game platforms DO NOT POST to your Facebook Wall. Because they don't post to your Facebook Wall, there is nothing for the Link Exchange to see.

The other main reason is that Facebook is having issues. When you visit our Link Exchange, we send a request to Facebook to tell us everything you have posted to your Wall for that game. If Facebook doesn't properly return that request in a timely manner, then our Link Exchange will not be able to display anything.

How come many links are expired or says "too late?"

Each game sets it so their reward posts are usually only good for only a certain number of clicks. So if the person who posted the link already had help from their own friends, the link may no longer be available. So even if it says "0" clicks on our site, that doesn't mean the link has never been clicked. A good rule of thumb is to always look for the newest links with the lowest clicks.

How come I get a message "You collected too many" or "You reached your limit?"

Some of the games have daily collection limits which usually gets reset every 12 or 24 hours. Some of the games even have certain limits per item. So if you reached the limit, you'll get that message when you click on the links. Remember, Peoplesgamez doesn't make these limits. Each game makes their own.

Who we are?

We are your dedicated site to bring you gifts for your favorite Adventure, Bingo, Casino, Slots, and Poker Facebook Games: from Bingo Blitz, Caesar Casino, Criminal Case, House of Fun, Hit it Rich, Slotomania, to Texas Holdem Poker and many more!

Here you can get all your bonuses from friends for over 200 different games. We also have a bonus collector that lets you collect all our Daily Gifts in just one click. Be sure to share with your friends and fellow gamers!

We bring you daily free coins, credits, bonuses, rewards, updates, tips and more, much more!

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